Standard Policy

We at Cuss Productions SA, want you to be satisfied with your marketing advertisement purchase. The Company and client will have to be in contact to create a satisfactory digital and printable advert

1 FREE sample advert is created for every new client, and thereafter Cuss will only continue editing and creating the business advert, once full payment has been made into the account

A sample sticker will be placed on every design, and will only be removed once full payment reflects in the Cuss account. If full payment does not reflect in time to launch the business advert, please provide proof of payment to

Adverts are made and edited within 1 to 3 working days. This time period may vary due to the overflow of clientele, we make every effort to fulfill each order as soon as possible 

You may not use our services for any unlawful purposes or in furtherance of illegal activities. Information given to us may not be deceptive, or misleading and must be verifiable

Adverts are sent via email to clients for higher resolution pixels, and sent with the paid pdf document 

information used to assist the creation of each advert needs to be sent in high-quality for better results

The FREE business advert in the provided packages will include the advertisement of Cuss Productions and will be displayed in small. The client will not be involved in the creation of the FREE advert unless it is crucial for their business operations and products

If you have any inquiries on your current or potential  advertisement please email

 This policy forms part of the Cuss Terms & Conditions, and so words defined  in the Terms & Conditions have the same meaning in this policy unless the context indicates otherwise. Nothing in this policy is intended to limit your statutory rights in any way

Information Security Policy

To insure your request is processed as quickly as possible you are responsible for sharing the following information when using our services

Failure to adhere to any of these requirements could delay the processing of your advert or result in its decline altogether

Company information is necessary for the operations of Cuss Productions SA, therefor we take every precaution possible to monitor and protect client information integrity, and rely on confidentiality unless stated otherwise for marketing purposes